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Top-Rated Accelerated Mobile Pages Development

Google, accelerated Mobile page optimizes the user experience by offering a faster response time. Not only does it reduce the load time by 2.7 seconds but the ads on AMP pages also load five fasters, thus increasing the revenue by three times. The google AMP project is an open-source initiative the accelerates the creation of loading of websites and ads of them. The number of large companies has already embraced the AMP Development for their websites and the AMP development services. You can also enjoy the benefits of revolutionary services.

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Ad performance analysis

Relevant ads on AMP that loads near instantly for increased engagement and analysis of key performance indicators.

Increased loading speed

Accelerated mobile pages loading faster than any other webpage and reduces the load time.

No custom requirement

Easy to access all over the devices and the operating system requires the unlike the other techniques.

Enhanced the content delivery

Some offers page optimization which can enhanced the further enhanced performance for the end users, enhanced website performance and improved latency.


What Is Accelerated Mobile Pages?
With the mobile user base expected to touch 4.68 billion by the end of 2019 turning your web page into accelerated mobile page in the way of embrace the future. Google accelerated mobile pages offered the speed your targeted mobile users have been looking for

Why To Use Accelarated Mobile Pages (AMP's)?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project let you to create mobile pages that load instantly, helping visitors better engaging with the page instead of bouncers. The optimization methods involved in creating AMP pages not only make the page load time fast but also give viewers a good user experience.

Faster Load Time

Accelerated pages are about the speed. the entire project was founded an idea that mobile users expect results quicker, so pages adjusted for smartphone use should load at optimal speed.

Lower Bounce Rate

By making load times almost immediate, accelerated mobile pages can be the one factor that sets your company that makes the mobile-friendly.

Performance And Flexibility

The designed to improve mobile website performance .it is, however the most flexible on the term of granting access to streamlined stylesheet for the best speed results.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization

performance and speed are very important factors in term of retaining and converting visitors to drive traffic to the website you require to rank.

Browser Consistency

We penetrate through each and every browser, we make sure that it will be compatible with the others platform.

Usable Forms

Efficient coding in usable forms make the site to collect refined the data form the perfect end users.

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Why G-Ads Marketing For AMP Web Development?

As a leading web service provider. G-ADS Marketing understand the importance of offering a rich mobile visitor attracted and engaged our Amp development services empower you to have the most mobile friendly pages.

AMP Strategy

Branding, communication, & marketing communication and marketing agency AMP strategy works with the diverse clients-ranging from local business and regional non-profit to large manufactures and national condition.

AMP For Ecommerce

AMP is the capable of serving dynamic content, checkout pages, entire website, and even progressive web with its lightweight a brand are increasing turning to AMP for Ecommerce.

AMP Develoment

Accelerated mobile page are essentially stripped-down HTML copies of existing webpage content that offers the faster load times than the Standard HTML copies an existing Website offers faster load time than the Standard HTML document.

AMP For WordPress

AMP plugins provide support to make easier for site owners to keep the total amount of the CSS pages under the 75KB limit. Brands using the feature AMP to improve the load time in the WordPress

AMP Design

We ensure the website can be highly scalable so you don’t have to spend extra budget on redesigning.

AMP Support

AMP is an open-source framework that allow browser and app to load post quickly on mobile devices. All of site dynamically generate AMP compatible versions.

Benefits Of Accelarated Mobile Page (AMP)

The advantage of a site or web page changing to Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are faster loading pages for mobile users, reduce the load time, low bounce rate, adjustment on any browser, mobile-friendly, and enhanced SEO.

Higher Website Ranking

Relevant ads and the analysis and the key performance of indicators increased the engagements.

Minimize Bounce Rate

AMP increases the loading speed to make them stay more visitors turning away because of slow loading

Optimize For Search Engine

SEO is the key to higher visibility and ranking and AMP are rich with several SEO features for the same.

Mobile Friendly

The browsing experience that google AMPS offer to mobile users is unmatched as the contents loads instantly.

Increased Loading Speed

Make faster to load than an pages and reduced load time by around 2.7 seconds.

No Custom Requirement

Easy to access all the device and operating system no custom solution other techniques.

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Core Component of AMP Web Development


AMP is an open-source HTML framework expand by the AMP open-source project. Amp is optimized for mobile web browsing and deliberate to help webpage load faster

Ad & Analytics Manager

we have an experienced developer who keep tab on the trends and make cutting edge technology instruments

AMP JavaScript

we team develop the amp and the and make the cutting-edge tools for the development of accelerated mobile pages.


weather you have new magazine site we have perfect solution to tailored to meet all the requirements.

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