Linux dedicated server

Complete access and control of your web space through Linux Hosting.

Linux Dedicated Server: To Get Linux Hosting For Complete Web Presence

To scale your online business, you need full control and maximum (99.9%) uptime for your website and linux dedicated server do the task with ease. These dedicated servers are highly flexible to match business requirements, provide high speed for uninterrupted browsing, highly secure to make sure your online presence is spam free and saves you with cost.

G-Ads Marketing are leading hosting provider that keep their promises and deliver best performing servers to their client to scale their business smoothly. With our linux dedicater servers you can have choice to select the operating system as per your business requirements like CentOS, Debian Server or Ubunto Server.

Features Of Are Linux Dedicated Server

Our Linux Dedicated Servers are known for their flexibility, stability, security and high cutting edge technology and is becoming the most preferred choice among the clients. Some of the major features of our Linux Dedicated Servers are listed below:

Dedicated Operating System

Our team of experts understand your business and suggest you the perfect operating system like CentOS, Debian server or Ubuntu server.

Full Admin Access

Client get full control through SSH to their dedicated server and have a leverage to install any software or application on the server.

Remote Server Access

With HP iLo remote console, customer can install, reboot or upgrade operating system and even troubleshoot any issue by themselves.

Instant Hardware Replacement

Our top grade hardware are rarely fails but if it fails we ensure instant repair or replacement so client can get un-interrupted service.

Unlimited DNS Hosting

Client can have a choice to creat unlimited DNS zones, DNS records and domain name through their C-Panel DNS Manager.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unmetered bandwidth is the need for large business and we ensure to provide each business with truly unmetered bandwidth.

Server Management

Our server management service gives unlimited server reboots, monitoring and application server restart or reinstall.

Maximum Network Uptime

We ensures un-interrupted service by providing maximum uptime upto 99.9% so your business never miss a single customer.

Dedicated Support

Our team of experts are always there for you, so your business is always up and running even if you don’t have any tech knowledge.

Technical Expertise

With highly professional team of experts we can operate any OS like CentOS Linux, Scientific Linux, SuSE Linux or Fedora Linux.

Proactive Security Updates

We always double check any security glitch and proactively update our security to ensure top class security for our client online presence.

What We Can Do For You ?

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Benefits of Linux Hosting

Inexpensive Software

The first thing that any Linux user will provide you information when asked about its benefits is that, unlike Microsoft's OS, it's free to install. While this is true for desktops, it's slightly more complex in the server space.

Associated Ease

Linux stands in stark contrast with fixed operating systems like Windows and Apple as it is modified by design and lets you build keys the way you require them. With Linux, programmers can either build a custom key from scratch or edit the existing source code.

Benefit Of Choice

There are various Linux distribution available in the market to choose as per business needs. You can have choice of operating systems like CentOS Linux, Debiant server, Fedora Linux, SuSE Linux and many more.


Linux has always been regarded as a constant operating system with lower chances of crashes and bugs. Besides, Linux does not require to be restarted as frequently resulting in lower downtime. It has ability to run for years without failure.


Linux operating systems can run multiple programs simultaneously, modified terms that other operating systems may not have. In Linux, when you work on one program, other programs also keep running in the background.

Hardware Support

Linux is free with a greater number of computer architectures. It supports both modified as well as comparatively old hardware. This makes Linux an ideal selection for those who do not want to invest much in hardware.

Safe And Secure

Unmatched level of security is what makes it different from other servers. Since Linux is an open-source operating system, one by one in the community network can check the source code and detect (and fix) errors and vulnerabilities.

Our Linux Dedicated Server Solutions Include

We specialize in developing interactive, scalable, brand-oriented, and business-ready custom web solutions. Our aim is to build profitable digital products engineered to spark creativity and boost ROI.

Complete Control

Remote Reboot

Private VLAN Network

Custom-Made Hardware & Software

100 MBPS Internet Connection

Why Trust G-ADS Linux Dedicated Servers

G-Ads Marketing is most trusted hosting service provider and are always true to our client. We believe in customer satisfaction and that’s what drive us to do more hard work with dedication.

Scalable Solutions

We know every business want scalable solution and we fulfil their need by keeping our technologies upgraded and upgrade with the latest trends.

Maximum Network Uptime

If your server working properly, it can convert your websites into a supportive network. We promise 99.9% uptime, so they don’t miss any single opportunity to grow their business.

Extensive Support

We give service 24x7 with our live chat, phone calls and emails. We keep our client first and resolve their queries in no-time.

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