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A Logo is a Brand Identity and your first impression.

Logo Design: That Reflects Brand Vision

Your Logo is not just the combination of colours, shapes and text, it’s the quickest introduction of your brand that reflects your companies mission, vision, and values. Logo design is the first and foremost important step for graphic designing and it’s the most difficult skill to master.

A clear crisp and creative logo reflects companies identity and is the first impression for your brand. Logo design has lot of technical parameters to focus on like colour tone, texture, custom shapes and saturation etc. A technically correct logo will not leave it’s effectiveness even if resized or presented in black and white or in half tone.

Symbolize Your Business with Effective Logo

To symbolize your brand, your logo should be visually appealing, distinctive, simple and most importantly stand out from crowd. Think about some of the best brand logos, the moment you see their logo, the whole brand or company name, their products and even their history floating into your mind. That’s the power of the creative logo design.

The logo evokes emotions as well as sensations to your brand and improve you brand recall value. With years of experience and highly professional approach, we at G-Ads Marketing are able to deliver fully customized and creative logo for your brand. We believe in quality and make your first impression ever lasting with our professional logo design service.

Effective Logo Design Procedure

Our professional workflow can proven to be the best approach for creative logo design, we understand business and target audience then start visualisation to creat an impactful logo ideas.

Fact Finding

Fact finding or exploration is a process where our expert designers bring out 3 best designs to get clear understanding of the type of logo your business suits with.


After getting clear idea of kind of logo your company required, we craft your ideas and suggestion and sync everything to bring in the best logo concept for brand.


Our designers made hand sketches to symbolize the kind of logo brand requires. These sketches served as a base or inspiration for our final logo design.

Initial Review

After first phase of design is over, our experts internally reviews the logo concepts and make sure that it matches with companies vision and client requirements.

Phase-1 Presentation

Once, our visual concept are ready, our team of experts present the logo ideas with client. The logo is in black and white format to analyse perfection and aptness.

Phase-2 Presentation

After phase-1 presentation, we work on changes discussed during phase-1 and present you the tweaked and modified logos to match the exact requirements.

Colour Selection

Once preferred logo is selected, we experiment with various colour options to sync the logo colour with brand vision and target audience emotions.

Final Logo

Our team ensures that all the requirement are fulfilled and logo is reflecting exactly what brand want to convey.

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Four Steps For A Perfect Logo

Creating a logo that suits your business is a daunting task, first impression can make or break the brand recall value. Logo is a face of your brand and you don’t want to take a chance with it. We consider these four simple yet effective steps to make ever lasting impact through brand logo:

Know Your Audience

Once we have true picture of our audience, the brand face begins to fall into place.

Keep It Simple

The simpler the line, colour or shape of your logo, easier for customer to recall it.

Let Colours Do The Works

We study the psychology of colours and make colours work for your brand.

Be Unique

We make sure to customize brand logo, to keep them unique and stand out from competitors.

Advantages Of Logo Design Services

Brand Identity

Logo is a face of your brand and it helps in creating brand identity. It evokes the existing purpose, vision and value of company. We make your brand face unique and creative to stand out from crowd.


Your logo must be flexible and use everywhere during the course of business. Be it letterhead, wrapping, receipt, seminar, newspaper, cardboard etc, your logo must be visible and create perfect recall value.


Your brand logo would be consistent, even if you change your product or service during the years. Our experts will help you customize logo so that it would reflect brand vision even after decades.


Relevancy factor should not be avoided, your target audience would relate the logo with your service or product. Relevant logo design will keep your customer mind clear about the service or product you offer.

Premium Logo Design Company

Multiple Design Concept

Modernized Traditions

Creativity At Peak

Experienced Designers

Everlasting Impact

Creativity At Peak

We are pioneered to deliver best logos for start-ups as well as for large enterprises worldwide. We served many industries during these years like education, real estate, hospital, event, hospitality, food, information technology and many more. Our premium services are available in flexible packages to suit the requirement of company. We work on unique vision and deliver the customized solutions to our clients. With our years of experience, we create a perfect blend of colour, text, shapes and other elements of logo design.Get in touch with us now, to get a detailed proposal from our team of experts.

Why Choose Us

G-Ads Marketing have an ability to capture the attention of your audience and keep brand logo effective so that it can reflect the brand vision, mission and value. We understand the requirement of client and research on target audience of brand, so that we will sync all these factors to create a logo that give lasting impression.

Our creative team follow the colour psychology to target human emotions and essence. We truly work on each of the factors on logo design be it a single line, shape, text or colour, so we get the perfect outcome. We  keep the current trends in mind and portray them into client logo.

Everlasting Brand Impact

Our professionally designed logo provide your brand the attention it deserve, we make a logo memorable and everlasting.


Simple yet effective brand logos can make larger impact and the biggest advantage is it improves brand recall value.

Unique And Innovative

Every business has their own visions, so why not make logo reflecting that vison, we customize brand logo that reflects vision, mission and value.

What We Can Do For You ?

We Would be Happy to discuss the project with you in person.

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