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Static Website Design

A static website design authorizes websites to store requests and communicate at a speedy rate. It has become the most unique option for small business owners these days. With a static website, you will never have to agonize about content updating over and over again. Static web design is the most economical method to build your online presence.

However, if you require regular updates on your business website you can move to a dynamic web design arrangement. G-Ads marketing offering the finest Static Website Design and Development services.

Our Professional Static Website Designing Services

Static website design is the most simplest, effective and economical method to promote your brand product or service. Our creative web designers understand the business requirement and deliver the solutions in the most quickest way. Static websites are not functional enough to convince user but aim is to promote and make quickest presence online. For start-ups or new firms static website is the perfect solution.

  • Cost effective option for promoting your brand online.
  • Easy website navigation.
  • Free maintenance.
  • Can be converted into fully dynamic customized website.
  • Easy to manage or update with little knowledge of html.
  • Innovative solution tailored to suite customer requirements.

Get Static Web Design For Added Flexibility, Functionality, And Usability

Advantage of Static Website Designing

Though static websites are not fully functional as dynamic one but it has their own advantages over dynamic website.

  • Most economical approach for star-ups or new businesses.
  • Easy to update information with no or small knowledge of code.
  • Quick design and development process.
  • Available at reasonable cost.
  • Customizable, as per clients requirement.
  • Easy maintenance and management.
  • Easy to optimize and quick loading time.

Benefits Of Static Website Designing

We know we develop creative websites that are aesthetically pleasing and uniquely interactive. However we want your website to be more than that – to talk to your customers the way you want that to. That is where we bring a curated approach to make your website more search engine friendly and content more presentable.

  • Affordable to Develop
  • Inexpensive to Host
  • Perfect for Small Businesses
  • Works Well Even On Slow Connections
  • Easier for Google and Bing to Index
  • Cost free image optimization


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Why Choose G-Ads Marketing For Static Web Designing Services?

Solid Quality

We give the best quality to the designing services, perfect combination of design and perfect quality process.

Scalable in Nature

We ensure the website can be highly scalable so you don’t have to spend extra budget on redesigning.

Unlimited Support

we give the 24x7 support and maintenance so our client won’t miss any single opportunity to boost their business.

Affordable to Host

We understand customer need and provide them affordable hosting server suited for static website.


Our developers ensures quickest load time that reduces bounce rate of the website.

Full Security

We provide full security with SSL certificate so no your website can not be hacked.

Website Layout Design

In order to check whether your website design is great or leaves much to be desired, analyse it using the following pointers:

Business goals- Check whether the website meets your business goals.

User-friendliness– The good way to check this is to imagine that you’re a four-year-old child and whether you can navigate the site.

Trustworthiness- The website should look respectable and “real” to induce a customer to trust you.

Content- Make sure to use unique and fresh content.

Testing- Do not forget to test the website on real users. Remember that A/B testing is very vital.

Aesthetic- Make website aesthetically pleasing and design should investigate users and convey them to stay on the page.

Modern- No ‘hellos from 2006’, please! Modern layout design must be up-to-date with the help of making innovative, creative animation, rich colors, and modern web trends.

Functionality- People all over the globe are surfing the browser on their mobile devices. That’s why it is essential for your design to be mobile-friendly and responsive.

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