Windows Hosting

Secure server with trusted and flexible windows hosting

Windows Hosting
Trusted Server with Flexible Solution

Windows web hosting as name suggests supported by windows operating system and runs on Microsoft software such as Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Access. These servers can support Microsoft specific technologies like .Net frameworks, ASP, C#, Visual Basic etc as they have in built Microsoft FrontPage. Windows web hosting has added advantages over other hosting like it automates the management, flexible, high speed and provide high level of security.

G-Ads Marketing is the most trusted and renowned name in the web hosting domain and are constantly making the name more popular by adding satisfied clients. With our windows hosting, clients get complete technical support with highly secure web space, huge capacity and stability in operations.

Benefits Of Windows Hosting

.Net Framework

To get utmost from your visual basic website or .Net framework website, you must consider windows hosting. Unix hosting does not support Microsoft framework’s that’s the reason you should opt for windows hosting.

Front Page Extension

If you are using Microsoft FrontPage, it is must to use windows hosting as other hosting would not support Microsoft specific technologies. You can work hassle free on Microsoft technologies with windows hosting.

Easy Usage

If you are aware of the windows operating system, then you don’t need to have technical knowledge to operate windows panel. You can easily handle the panel as it has similar interface as windows operating system.

.ASP and Dynamically Database Driven Pages

If you are working on .ASP or dynamically database driven website, then your choice of windows hosting is clear as unix hosting does not support these technologies. Windows hosting has added advantage of Microsoft.

Access Compatibility

Through windows server you can collect data from access seamlessly. As windows provide seamless database integration, most of the businesses prefer windows hosting over any other hosting.


If you are developing any windows based software or application, your clear choice is windows hosting. As unix does not support Microsoft technologies and no other hosting will serve you better than windows.

What We Can Do For You ?

We Would be Happy to discuss the project with you in person.

Windows Hosting Services Features

Unlimited Server Space

24x7x365 Tech Support

Flexible C-Panel

Unlimited Email & Subdomains

Unmetered Bandwidth

Money Back Guarantee

Free MsSQL and MySQL Database

Intuitive Site Builder

Monthly Site Backup 

Anti-Virus & Anti-Virus Protection

Most Secured Hosting
By G-Ads Marketing

G-Ads Marketing provides highly secure windows hosting that operates on windows operating system and support all Microsoft driven technologies. G-ads Marketing server helps to:

Filter Spam

24x7 Admin Coverage support

Team Dedicated For Malware Cure

Adhere to PCI

Member of TRUSTe

Own Datacenter

Malware Monitoring

Ecommerce Hack protection

Own Staff

McAfee Security for Virus Free system

Why Choose

G-Ads Marketing

G-Ads Marketing value their customers by understanding their needs and deliver post deliverable promises. We provide complete support for our client so they can get easy presence on the internet.

Reliable and trusted windows hosting solution.1

Complete tech support for clients.2

Round the clock accessibility 3

4Backed with updated technologies

Flexibility, speed with scalable model.5

Well monitored and high capacity servers6

What We Can Do For You ?

We Would be Happy to discuss the project with you in person.

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